You’ll Find Gourmet Italian Groceries and Dishes at Giolitti Delicatessen

The Giolotti clan's culinary legacy can be traced back to 19th century Italy, long before Giolitti Delicatessen came to Annapolis in 1992. The Giolotti family debuted their original latteria, a shop dealing in dairy products, in Rome back in 1889. Almost exactly a century later, descendants of the Italian family Mary and Gene Giolotti opened an Italian restaurant and then…

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Wine and Artisan Pizza Makes the Perfect Pair at Vin 909 in Annapolis

Don't be fooled by its name: Vin 909 is about more than just vino. Chef Justin Moore ensures that the food is just as good as the drink by sourcing many of his ingredients from local, organic farms. Although the ingredients grow nearby, Chef Justin transforms them into dishes that evoke the Mediterranean with a focus on seafood and pizzas….

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Food and Drink Specials Abound All Week Long at Neo Pizza

From the meatballs to the cheesy slices, Neo Pizza presents traditional Italian fare with contemporary flair. If you have a family, you may want to come and enjoy the cuisine on Sundays. When adults buy a meal ($10 or more), a kid eats for free, making Neo Pizza the perfect spot to dig into a feast with your whole clan….

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Tastings Gourmet Market Showcases Artisan Ingredients for the Discerning Home Chef

Although Stacey Adams began her post-grab career in finance, she found her true love while traveling through Europe: gourmet food. When she came back to Annapolis, she was disheartened to discover that the artisanal cheeses and freshly baked baguettes that were on every corner in Europe couldn't be found at a single market in her neighborhood. Instead of letting this…

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