Winter Holidays

The chilly winter month of December is filled with celebrations, parties, and holidays all around the world. Some are filled with solemn traditions while others focus on fun and frolic.  Hanukkah: While the exact dates change every year, this is an eight-day Jewish holiday. Those who celebrate light a special candle holder called a menorah. They do this to remember an ancient…

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Savor Holiday Cheer at the Annapolis Chocolate Binge Festival on December 4th

Truffles. Fudge. Brownies. Regardless of how you like your chocolate, the Annapolis Chocolate Binge Festival will have an iteration of this beloved treat that tantalizes your taste buds. And if you happen to have a chocoholic on your holiday shopping list, all the better! You’ll be able to stock up on sweet stocking stuffers at the outdoor festival on Saturday, December 4th….

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Thankful for Thanksgiving

It’s more than eating turkey, watching football, and taking naps!  Thanksgiving is a national United States holiday that takes place every third Thursday of November, this year on November 24th. The first Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn feast. Then, for more than two centuries, Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days by the…

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The spooky side of Maryland

Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? Do you binge Ghost Hunters until 3 am? And who doesn’t like to see, first hand, the sites of hauntings? Eventbrite is sponsoring the Savage Mills Ghost Tours to satisfy that spectral itch you’ve been having. Discover the Mill’s haunted history where restless spirits continue to roam these halls to this very day. Learn about…

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