Discover Crosswinds & Mariner Bay

Made for Annapolis.

At Bozzuto, we are known for our Top-Notch services, our attention to detail, and the standard of living you know is guaranteed. But do you know what makes our residences truly special? The places we create them in.

Every time we come into a new neighborhood, we get inspired. By the people, the atmosphere, the sense of community. We like to build residences that complement the surrounding culture—with our own little twist, of course.

And that’s what makes Mariner Bay and Crosswinds so unique. Historic Annapolis and Annapolis Town Center exude a captivating energy. One that attracts explorers, adventure seekers—people who seek the best out of life and don’t want to waste a single moment. And we have created a place just for them.

It’s a small neighborhood with a big community. Living in Annapolis Town Center, you can grab drinks with neighbors after work. Walk over to Whole Foods for groceries to make a homemade meal with friends. Or spend evenings enjoying the view from atop the only high rise in town. When you live here, you can spend your weekends exploring Historical Downtown Annapolis. Whether that’s on the water, perusing boutiques like The Lucky Knot, or grabbing a bite at Iron Rooster.

We created Mariner Bay and Crosswinds so you can find your niche in this charming town. So you can make your home in a residence that’s as cozy as it is modern. Here—at Annapolis Town Center—you really can’t go wrong.