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Soul: A Modern Southern Eatery Near Mariner Bay & Crosswinds

Soul: A Modern Southern Eatery Near Mariner Bay & Crosswinds

Soul bills itself as a restaurant that specializes in “Southern-inspired small plates,” which makes it a great place for a shared meal with friends from Mariner Bay & Crosswinds. Chef Dave Pow is committed to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients in the kitchen, while the restaurant itself creates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for diners.

When you visit Soul, consider stopping by with your whole family or group of friends, as the small plates format is most fun when you get to taste a bit of everything. The bigger your group, the more plates you’ll be able to order from the selection of cornbread spread with a house-made sweet pepper jam, flavorful, gourmet deviled eggs and other eclectic dishes. The mushroom ravioli is rich and earthy, while the roasted oysters are dusted with a bit of cajun spice to heat things up. You’re sure to leave feeling more than full every time you dine at Soul.

509 South Cherry Grove
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 267-6191