You’ll Find Gourmet Italian Groceries and Dishes at Giolitti Delicatessen

The Giolotti clan's culinary legacy can be traced back to 19th century Italy, long before Giolitti Delicatessen came to Annapolis in 1992. The Giolotti family debuted their original latteria, a shop dealing in dairy products, in Rome back in 1889. Almost exactly a century later, descendants of the Italian family Mary and Gene Giolotti opened an Italian restaurant and then an Italian deli — Giolotti Delicatessen.

Now, 25 years since its first day in business, Giolotti Delicatessen continues to offer authentic Italian dishes and groceries to the people of Annapolis. Come to the deli and osteria for a plate of spaghetti, a slice of lasagna, a meat or seafood entree, or a thin-crust pizza. When you taste something you like, head to the market part of Giolotti to grab all of the ingredients you need to recreate the dish at home.