Savor Southern Brunch Staples at Soul

New Orleans, the Carolinas, and other distinct regions in the South come to life in the inventive small plates that Chef Dave Pow crafts at Soul. He recreates Southern classics with contemporary flair, enlisting the help of top-notch ingredients to do so. Customers agree that Chef Dave's creativity especially shines at the weekend brunch.

Start your Saturday off with a helping of the savory bread pudding, embellished with crispy bacon, peppers, onions, and a sunny-side-up egg. Craving a sweeter breakfast? Take a fork to the eggnog French toast, a thick slice Brioche that's seared to golden-brown and drizzled with mint julep syrup. If you want to taste true Southern classics, opt for the biscuits and Cajun gravy with andouille sausage or the fried chicken and buttermilk waffle. Add a side of cornbread with sweet pepper jam or fried pickles for an authentic experience.