Sweat Your Way to a Leaner Body at Pure Barre

If you've been plodding away on the treadmill and seeing little or no results, maybe it's time to shake up your workout routine. That might mean a trip to Pure Barre in Annapolis. There's a reason Pure Barre studios are trending all across the country. The unique fitness routine it employs creates quick and noticeable change in the bodies of anyone who commits to attending regularly—and after one challenging, upbeat class, chances are you're going to keep coming back.

Pure Barre blends elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga to create a routine that tones the body from head to toe. Class typically begins with a fast-paced warm-up, followed by a round of arm work using light hand weights. Then rest a hand on the ballet barre and move through small, isometric exercises to tone the thighs and glutes. Finally, head to the floor for some ab work before you transition to a cool-down.