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Now Open Near Mariner Bay & Crosswinds: In Grano Bakery

In Grano Bakery was named for the Latin phrase “in grano,” which roughly translates to “against the grain.” That’s exactly the direction that chef and owner Pericles Lewnes goes with each loaf of bread he bakes. Since opening the new bakery last month, he’s been churning out everything from San Fran-inspired sourdoughs to rustic loaves rooted in the Norwegian countryside.

Care to take a taste? Order online and then come int to pick up fresh bread, pastries, savory bites, or coffee. The sourdough is a popular (and often sold-out) option, shaped from dough that ferments for 36 hours before it bakes to crusty on the outside and perfectly chewy on the inside. Classic baguettes, pull-apart milk rolls, and garlic bread are a few of the other options on the menu. Looking for a full meal? Try the pepperoni roll or the sourdough-fried chicken. You can also snap up something sweet, such as a chocolate chunk-sea salt cookie, and pair it with a freshly frothed latte.