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Find Solace at Quiet Waters Park

Whether you’re a runner looking for new trails to explore, a couple looking for the perfect spot for engagement pics, or a family in search of the ideal picnic location, check out Quiet Waters Park. This lush natural oasis right outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Annapolis is a relaxing retreat that is ready for you to enjoy. 
There are gorgeous pavilions and gardens, a visitor’s center with art to admire, as well as trails to get moving on. If you have kiddos in tow, check out the playground, as well as the reading and butterfly garden. One feature everyone loves is the water, hence the park’s name! Among the lush green space, you’ll find water features including a sprawling reflecting pool and fountains perfect for a splash on a warm day. There’s also Harness Creek, which offers boat rentals in the summertime.