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ice cream sundae topped with rainbow sprinkles next to a spoon

Savor the Flavors of Summer at Annapolis Ice Cream

The secret is simplicity at Annapolis Ice Cream. This award-winning shop uses natural ingredients for their small-batch ice cream, and it’s a difference you can taste. Whether you love a pure vanilla bean or straightforward chocolate, or crave tons of mix-ins like apple pie, peanut butter cups, and fresh berries, Annapolis Ice Cream has the flavor of your dreams. Each ice cream starts with an ultra-premium base for the smoothest, richest finish. Even the fruity sorbets are a creamy delight, and bursting with mango, raspberry, and lemon flavor. Get your Annapolis Ice Cream to eat right on the spot, packed to go in pints, or in one of their signature milkshakes (with free sprinkles, of course). 

Find Annapolis Ice Cream on Main Street, with daily operating hours starting at noon. This is the 18th straight year that Annapolis Ice Cream was voted best in the city. Find out why with a cup of cookies and cream today!