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bowl of salad containing avocado, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, etc

Now Open Near Mariner Bay & Crosswinds: Fresh Green in Bowie

Want a fresh, healthy meal on the go? Fresh Green is the answer. Now open in Bowie, this fast-casual cafe serves signature salads along with build-your-own options. The signature salads include the Fresh Green Seafood Caesar, which features romaine topped with fresh grilled salmon, colossal shrimp, parmesan, black pepper, croutons, lemon, and creamy Caesar dressing. Don’t love seafood? Try the Fresh Green Fiesta, which features romaine topped with grilled chicken, red onions, red peppers, tomatoes, black beans, corn, avocado, cilantro, Mexican cheese, lime, and creamy chipotle ranch. Yum!

If you’re feeling a little inspired, make your own! You start by choosing your base. Options are romaine, spinach, arcadian mix, arugula, or kale. Then, top it high with all the fresh fruits and veggies your heart desires. You’ll find beets, carrots, grapes, black olives, roasted corn, red apples, and more. After that, it’s time for a little crunch. You can try candied pecans for a little sweetness, Tuscan herb croutons, bacon crumbles, sunflower seeds, and more. Finally, the protein! They serve up chicken, shrimp, salmon, and tofu for veggie lovers. Add a little cheese and choose your dressing, then enjoy!